“Mike at the Mike”

Aimed at the older listener, it’s a magazine programme with a selection of music, most of which seems to have disappeared from the airwaves, i.e Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Andy Williams etc.

A wide range of short linking items fits between the music.
Memories of Dundrum in the old days come from local historian Jim Nolan’s 1987 book ‘The Changing Face of Dundrum’ Humorous poems sit in with ‘Stories behind the Dublin Places’ we think we know, and ‘How DNA Works’ moves on to ‘Lady Lavery on our Banknotes’
Or ‘William Dargan, the man who made our Railways’ who lived in Mt.Anville, and helped to found the National Gallery (his statue is outside it…..)

The Dubliners and Ronnie drew are well represented, often with little stories to go with the track, and maybe a recitation by Brendan Cauldwell…
Mike at the Mike – something unexpected every week

This programme goes out on Dublin South FM (93.9 on your dial)
every Monday from 7-8pm (repeat Thu 12-1pm) tune-in online

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